Reflections - Roseate Spoonbills
 Nest Tunes - Blue Herons
Graceful Landing - evg_1266
Last Light - MG_7105
 Which Way Did They Go - Sandhill Cranes
Hungry Birds - bd_5577
 The Night Watchman - Pinellas Bayway Bridge, Florida
 Cleared for Landing - Roseate Spoonbills
 Dripping Wet - Herons
 On the Nest - Great Egrets
 Flamingo Flight - Rio Lagartos, Mexico
 In the Shadows - White Heron
 On the Lookout - Great Egrets
 Breeding Plumage Dance - Great Egret
 Wings Up - Roseate Spoonbills - Florida
 Ducks in the Rain - Banff NP - Alberta, Canada
 Ruffled Feathers - Great Egrets
 A Full Net - Blue Herons
Flight Practice - OW_5841
 Things Are Looking Down - Canadian Geese
 Arriving Flamingos- Rio Lagartos, Mexico
 Eggs in the Nest - Great Herons
 Three Amigos- Roseate Spoonbills
 The Birds Are Back  - Florida Everglades NP
Pelican in Flight - FL17_823
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