How are your photographs printed?

We print our photographs on paper and canvas right here in our studio. With the recent advances in digital printing technology using archival pigmented inks and the selection of beautiful photographic art papers and canvas materials now available, I prefer photographs from a professional wide format digital printer. I feel the overall quality and appearance of the prints (and the archival properties) exceeds the prints from images we sent out to photo labs in the past. Being able to adjust the tones and color balance, and run test strips for our digital master files, is a real plus. The process is also much more environmentally friendly than the harsh chemicals used in "the old wet process".


Are the photographs signed?

Some people like their artwork to be signed, others would rather it is not signed. I would be more than happy to sign your photographs for you. Just let me know when ordering. (My signature would usually be in the lower right corner in black).).


Are your canvas prints on real canvas or is it just a canvas transfer or texture applied?

The canvas we print on is a genuine artist canvas. The canvas has a special coating to accept the pigmented inks. It is made by a leading artist canvas company. After the pigment inks dry overnight, two coats of a satin finish UV protective sealer is applied. The finished canvas is still flexible and easy to stretch. The satin finish sealer gives the artwork a rich, non-glare surface with a subtle canvas texture. This sealer also helps to protect the canvas from moisture and abrasion.


Which is better, an image printed on canvas or printed on paper?

I wouldn't say that one is better than the other. It really depends on the overall look and type of framing options that you would like to use. Prints on photographic paper are traditionally matted and framed behind glass or acrylic. Images printed on canvas don't need to be behind glass or acrylic. This means no reflections and less weight for large prints. Canvas prints can be “gallery wrapped” and hung on a wall without using a picture frame. Or they can be stretched and framed. We are selling more and more prints on canvas, especially in the larger sizes.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We will E-mail an "online invoice" as a PDF file to you for easy payment. We can also take your credit card information over the telephone or by fax if you prefer. And we accept PayPal payments as well.


What happens if I don't like the artwork when I receive it?

We want you to be happy with our photography artwork. If you are not happy, return the artwork to us within 30 days (in the same condition that you received it) and we will refund your money. It is as simple as that.


Do you make large photo murals ?

Yes, offer high resolution room size photo wall murals printed on commercial grade wall covering materials in sizes up to 10x30 feet . You can find out more about our room size photo murals on our web site.


Why do the images look dark on my computer monitor?

Computer monitors can vary quite a bit on how they display images. Is your monitor calibrated? You can use this simple calibration image to adjust the contrast or brightness of your monitor. If you are using a laptop computer, try tilting your screen back and forth to adjust the brightness also. The small image files on our web site can not come close to showing the full range of color and details found in our printed photographs.


Do you exhibit at art shows?

Yes, I do participate in several shows a year in the greater Tampa Bay area. However, most of my artwork is sold directly off of our web sites. See the Events page for more information.